Devine Chiropody Clinic
Alfaz del Pí / Albir

A few words

About our clinic

In Albir, at the DEVINE Chiropody Clinic we offer our patients a comprehensive personalised service for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the different conditions or pathologies of the foot.

We are always

Happy to help you

Following many years of training and professional background, I provide my full personal commitment to offer the highest quality service and personalised attention to help improve the quality of life of my patients. Always with an absolute personal, close and responsible involvement in order to satisfy your needs in terms of podiatric health.

Jessica Such Devine

Individual approach

Why choose us?

Safety space

We have a wide range of services and specialities to meet all your needs.

Modern equipment

We have the latest advances in technical equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Individual approach

We offer a close and totally personalised treatment and follow-up of each patient.

Qualification and Training

Our professional team is in continuous training of the most advanced techniques and treatments.

Quality Products

We work with top quality products and materials to guarantee the greatest effectiveness and safety in our treatments.

Our human side

We understand our profession from a close and committed attention to the most human side of our patients.

Preventive care

We look permanently for the preventive health of your feet by controlling the evolution of the diagnosis to avoid future serious complications.

Healthy and happy clients

Our satisfied patients

It is our goal, to have a quality service to be able to give security guarantees.

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